Babi Mac Biography Page

Introducing Babi Mac 

   A rising star from Knoxville, Tennessee. Babi Mac whose real name is Cait McMahan​ was a former All American basketball player who received a Full Scholarship and Won 2 National Championships while playing for Pat Summit at the University of Tennessee. 

While in college “Babi Mac” had two life changing experiences: Her mother was diagnosed with Breast Terminal Cancer ,  as well as a career ending knee injury that led to the end of her basketball aspirations.     



These experiences in life lead “Babi Mac” to express her inner emotions and thoughts on life in the form of writing songs and recording music. In just 1 year Babi Mac has garnered the attention of the Music-Entertainment Industry by being featured as a Rising Star in XXL Magazine, gaining over 900,000 Views on the internet with various Videos and Blogs. She has been featured on and written about in various magazines.



Babi Mac's new music & videos will be  released in 2014.  

Stay tuned for updates.


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